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8000 years of history

Below one can find the timeline showing the different inhabitants and rulers to occupy Malta from Pre-history to the Rebellion of the Maltese people against the French in the year 1800. 

A separate timeline is available, illustrating the changes Malta went through in modern history. the time line can be found Here

Different era

Malta Pre-History and Ancient Civilization

First Inhabitants arrive on Malta
Stone age farmers arrive in Malta

Previous studies claim the first inhabitants roamed the island around 5200BC, but modern archeological studies found evidence of inhabitants around 700 years earlier.

First Megalithic temples are built
First Temples are built

Amongst the most important we find the Ggantija and Hagar Qim Temples

Bronze age
Bronze age

The Bronze Age period is characterized by 3 different time periods, the Tarxien Cemetery, Borg in Nadur phase and the Bahrija Phase. 

Some of the artefect from the era can be seen at the malta national archeology museum Valletta.

800 - 480BC
Malta Occupied by the phonecians
Malta Occupied by the Phoenicians

Phoenicians hailing from Lebanon occupied Malta for over 300 years.

480 - 218BC
Carthaginians rules Malta

Carthaginian empire base din present day Tunisia took over Malta for it's strategic position.

Roman Empire takes over Malta

Following the punic wars, the roman Empire conquers Malta from the carthagenian empire.

Christianity introduced in Malta

St Paul is Shipwrecked in Malta, and introduces Christianity to the islands.

395 - 870AD
Byzantine occupation of Malta

Malta was ruled by the Byzantines for almost 500 years

870 - 1090AD
Arabs Capture Malta

Introduced The Arabs introduced new farming and agricultural techniques, and teached the locals the cultivation of cotton and citrus fruits.

1090 - 1530AD
Normans from sicily

in 1090AD the Normans Malta was invaded by the Normans from Sicily. for the next 440 years the islands were ruled by successive feudal rulers including the Swabians, the Aragonese and the Spanish.

1530 - 1798 AD
The Islands pass to the Knights of St John

The Spanish King gives Malta to the Knights of St John, a symbolic rent of 2 Falcons a year is paid. 

In 1565 the knights eroded the perception that the Turkish Ottoman Empire was invincible, the Knights managed to fend off the Ottoman attack on the islands.

In 1566 Valletta was founded, 1731 the Manoel theatre opens and is considered as the oldest theatre in the Commonwealth.

1798 - 1800 AD
The French invasion of Malta

The Arrival of the French navy found little resistance, The order was capable of defending against a siege but a series of circumstances including discontent amongst its own members as well as the native Maltese population led to a truce which ended the capitulation of the Order.

Present Day Malta