Covid Updates

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Here is all the information you need to Travel to and from Malta

Information is updated very frequently and based on the latest information at hand. We are adding links directly to the ministry of health to make sure you get the latest information

Covid Facts

Malta Coronavirus statistics

Active Cases
Total Discovered Cases
Total Recoveries

To date 81% of the total population have been vaccinated,759,818 vaccines administered resulting in 382,255 fully vaccinate. The total number of swab tests performed exceeded 1.1 million tests

Cases Last 5 days

01/08/2021 – 80 Cases

31/07/2021 – 94 Cases

30/07/2021 – 111 Cases

29/07/2021 – 95 Cases

28/07/2021 – 91 Cases

Vaccine Certification

Starting from July 1, people who hold an EU COVID-19 Vaccination Passport and UK citizens that hold a green travel pass are allowed to enter Malta without undergoing any restrictions, the Maltese Health Ministry announced.

As of July 1, Malta will also recognise the EU Digital COVID Certificate and UK green passports,” the spokesperson said.

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